Uchi Lounge

  • Type: Japanese Fusion
  • Website: Uchi Lounge
  • Location: Brisbane St, Surry Hills, Sydney
  • Lighting: very low, just enough to read the menu. A very warm ambiance
  • Music: usually Jazz or Jazz/Blues
  • Overall (out of 10): 9

Uchi Lounge is a two level restaurant built in an old warehouse area and has been in this street for many years. Last year (mid 2011) the owner Takashi transformed an open upstairs space, which was quite noisy when busy, into a slightly more intimate space by adding a block wall here and there (reducing noise levels immensly) to separate tables for two and several tables for four and put a big table downstairs suited for groups mostly drinking/ dining.


Uchi Lounge specialise in Japanese fusion. The food is quite unique with the specials menu always the one to go for to experiment. Very rarely are there dishes which are not up to scratch, although sometimes they promote a new dish which is obviously geared towards the extremely hungry. The dishes here are not big generally, so if you're big eaters, perhaps you should go elsewhere (some fusion places along Crown St serve bucket loads). The food is always absolutely fresh here.

Staff at this place are always extremly good and do their best to make you feel welcome.

The really big selling point in this restaurant is the owners attention to every detail. You'll see it in the way the staff are trained to the way the food is presented. It is a very relaxing place to be and is probably our favourite local restaurant.

Prices are moderate for a restaurant of this quality and the wine prices are fair. A 700ml bottle of Dassai 50 sake will cost $65, a good price for a decent sake. But why settle for just Dassai? Uchi Lounge stocks an excellent range of saki and shochu. Also stocked are a couple of excellent and interesting beers like Robot Ninja (an Australian rice lager) and my personal favourite Ginga Kogen (malt beer).

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