Izakaya Fujiyama

Izakaya Fujiyama (Surry Hills)

  • Type: Japanese
  • Website: Izakaya Fujiyama
  • Location: 52 Waterloo St, Surry Hills, Sydney
  • Overall (out of 10): 7.5

Izakaya Fujiyama is on street level in a quiet street, a mostly residential neighbourhood. Upon arrival you will be greeted by an enthusiastic staff member and shown to either a table or the bar area. Behind the bar is a large selection of sake and beer. The specials menu is hand written and resembles the type used in some restaurants in Tokyo.


Izakaya Fujiyama specialise in more traditional Japanese food, although some dishes are of a fusion type. The specials menu changes a little each week or two. Get there early to avoid specials dishes having gone. We especially enjoyed such dishes as the Katsuo Tosazukuri (Bonito Salad), Crispy Pork Belly, Kingfish Sashimi and the Grilled Fish, oh and the Oxtail is excellent.

The sushi chef is very skilled and presents each dish exactly as it should be, perfect. Staff here are dedicated and are knowledgeable.

Prices are fairly reasonable.

Updated Review (4 May 2012)

We visited this restaurant 5 or 6 times over several months. On two occasions the server overcharged us for drinks. My partner keeps a close watch on these things. While once could be considered a mistake, twice by the same server is unforgivable. Of course it was a mistake but it does concern me. This sort of thing should never happen. How difficult is it to properly enter the right order into the screen (everything is entered this way and is tallied up when you ask for your bill).

Another annoyance is that they run out of the specials very early so you do need to get there before 7pm so you don't miss out. Plus I would really like to see the menu changed more regularly. Still a very good restaurant so I will only reduce its rating by one point. Will give them another go in the future and see.

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