Peking Duck 片皮鸭
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Peking Duck 片皮鸭

  • Preparation time: 6 hours at least or overnight 准备时间:至少6小时
  • Cooking time: 1.5 hours 烹饪时间:1.5 小时
  • Difficulty Level: **** 难度:****
  • 2 kg duck 2公斤的鸭子
  • 2 tablespoons honey 2汤匙蜂蜜
  • 125 ml (1/2 cup) hoisin sauce 125毫升海鲜酱(这里用的是李锦记海鲜酱)
  • 12 Mandarin pancakes (for two people) 12 个面饼 (2个人的分量)
  • 12 spring onions (scallions), shredded 12 根葱,只取葱白部分切条
  • 1 cucumber, shredded 1个黄瓜,切条
How to Cook
  1. Rinse the duck, drain, and remove any fat from the cavity opening and around the neck. Cut off and discard the parson's nose. Plunge the duck into a pot of boiling water for 2-3 minutes to tighten the skin. Remove and drain, then dry thoroughly. 洗干净鸭子,擦干,把鸭屁股和周围的肥肉取出。把鸭子浸入开水中2-3分钟,这个步骤是为了把皮弄紧使之后烤的过程中皮香脆。 取出鸭子,彻底擦干。
  2. While the skin is still warm, brush the duck all over with the honey and water solution, then hang it up to dry in a cool and airy place for at least 6 hours, or leave it uncovered in the fridge. 趁鸭子还热的时候,把蜂蜜调水均匀地刷在鸭子身上,放在通风凉爽的地方至少6个小时,或者放在冰箱过夜,不要覆盖任何东西。
  3. Preheat the oven to 200degC. Place the duck, breast-side-up on a rack in a roasting tin, and cook without basting or turning for 1.5 hours. Check to make sure the duck is not getting too dark and , if it is, cover it loosely with foil.
    预热烤箱200度。 将鸭子胸部朝上放在烤架上烤1个半小时,不用翻面。注意观察鸭子的表面是否过焦,如果颜色过深,可以用铝箔纸覆盖。
  4. To serve, remove the crispy duck skin in small slices by using a sharp carving knife, then carve the meat, or carve both together. Arrange on a serving plate.将鸭子片成一小片一小片的放置在另外的盘子中。
  5. To eat, spread about 1 teaspoon of the hoisin sauce in the centre of a pancake, add a few strips of spring onion, cucumber, duck skin and meat, then roll up the pancake. Turn up the bottom edge to prevent the contents from falling out..怎么吃片皮鸭就不用说拉,把海鲜酱涂在面皮上,裹着黄瓜,大葱还有片下来的鸭子,卷着吃!
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